Meet Dance Instructor Aleksandar Dokuleski

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Meet Dance Instructor Aleksandar Dokuleski

aleksandarAleksander Dokuleski has been a part of the ballroom world for many years. His passion for dance started when he was only seven years old, and once he became eighteen he began to teach at Arthur Murray Studios. Alek’s dance career has taken him all over the world, and he has taken part in numerous competitions and events. Competing in his home country of Macedonia, Alek has taken the first place medal eight times (from 1997-2004). On top of this remarkable feat, he has also won the Bulgarian Cup three times (2005-2008). In addition to his impressive professional competition awards, Alek has taken many students to competitions all over the world to compete in the ProAm categories. Over the years, his students have taken home a noteworthy number of awards and trophies.

Alek’s dance experience reaches far beyond only competition. He has taken part in various theatre shows in Italy, and television programs including numerous appearances on the TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in Macedonia, Italy, and Bulgaria.

Alek’s knowledge and prowess of the numerous styles of ballroom dance have come from his widespread training from other amazing dancers such as Gherman Mustuc, Iveta Lukosiute, Sandro Cavallini, Joanne Wilkinson, Matey Krajcer, Tony Meredith, Melanie La-Patin, Beverly Kimmins, and many more. Alex has experience in all styles of ballroom dance, as well as expertise in choreography and showcase dances. Alek also speaks Spanish, Macedonian, Greek, Italian, Bulgarian, and Portuguese.


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