Meet Our Dance Instructor Daniel Duggan

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September 8, 2014
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Meet Our Dance Instructor Daniel Duggan

Daniel Duggan Daniel Duggan is a Ballroom and Latin dance instructor at Arthur Murray Manhattan. Daniel discovered his love for dance in grade school and had been training and teaching ever since. In high school, he founded and captained a Ballroom and Latin dance team for middle schoolers which is still alive today. From there, Daniel went to the University of Connecticut where he joined the university’s competitive collegiate team. With his dance partner, he competed in various competitions throughout the United States.

Originally from Canada, Daniel moved to Connecticut for school, and finally to New York City to pursue his career in dance at Arthur Murray Manhattan. With a fitness background, Daniel loves to work with those that use their passion for dance as a way to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Daniel has experience working with students both young and old, and enjoys sharing his passion for dancing with everyone.

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