Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons At Arthur Murray On 5th Avenue In Manhattan

All eyes are on the couple on their wedding day ! Yes, that first dance can be truly something special and it’s never too late to learn to dance if you are not too nimble on your feet. Learning to dance for your wedding can be fun and engaging, and Arthur Murray Dance Center in Manhattan can make it even more exciting with our exceptional instructors. We congratulate you on your upcoming wedding and would love to have you and your fiancé light up the dance floor on one of the most special days in your life.

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Make your first dance a moment to treasure forever

Do you need to look your best for your wedding dance and need a little help? Our instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Center can help make your first dance less stressful and more enjoyable. Hundreds of couples have left our studio only to create a moment that they and their wedding guests will remember for years to come, and most importantly, have fun. There could be nothing more memorable than to have your first dance caught on video, which can be cherished for a lifetime. Our dance lessons are exclusively designed for engaged couples who desire a choreographed routine or just need to feel natural and comfortable during their first dance.

A wedding dance full of grace and poise

Whether you wish to learn the rumba, foxtrot, waltz or any other form of ballroom dancing, our specialist instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Center in Manhattan can prepare you to shine on the dance floor. We make the learning process fun while lessons can also do a world a good to boost your self confidence. No one can become a Gherman Mustuc or Iveta Lukosiute overnight, but we can teach you how to move with grace no matter how clumsy you may perceive yourself on the dance floor. There are several elements to our teaching and we welcome you to come to our studio and find out what the secret is.

Your dancing is our responsibility

At Arthur Murray Dance Center in Manhattan our teaching method can help you reach your dancing dreams in the most enjoyable way. We welcome any ideas you may have, which we could incorporate before starting your first lesson. From simple last minute routines to creating something more personalized and unique, you can count on us to come up with a repertoire for your special day that will simply wow your guests. We offer a complete array of dance-related services which includes elaborate choreography for wedding first dances.

Create the dance of your dreams

Don’t hesitate to bring along a song of your choice. We have what it takes to create a unique routine to just about any wedding song. Most importantly, you get to benefit from more than 100 years of dance teaching experience at the world’s most established ballroom dance teaching company. Arthur Murray Manhattan on 5th Avenue is a dance studio that’s pressure-free, where you learn to dance in a comfortable, classy atmosphere. Choose a traditional style or something out-of-the-box, we can help you create the wedding dance of your dreams.

Call now to schedule your first dance lesson: 212-473-2623

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